The following is the Imagination X Wiki policy, and failure to follow them may result in kickban and/or block.

Joining The Wiki

When you join the wiki, please follow the COPPA regulations found here. and we urge you to behave the best of you capability.

Making Pages

When making a page, you are allowed take it about anything, but must not include the following:

  • Swear words, without the permission of an administrator
  • Any talk about sex will result in a six month block
  • Making a page that is exactly of that as another person's page. To do so will result in a week block
  • Including photos of inappropriate content will result in a 6 month block

Please add you signature to pages you made.


We welcome you to talk about almost anything in our chat, but kindly ask you not to:

  • Spam the chat, this will annoy many users, and will interrupt conversations
  • Talk about sex and other inappropriate context (this will result in automatic kickban)
  • Engage fighting with other users
  • Swearing in the chat

TO ADMINISTRATORS AND CHAT MODS: All users should have three warnings before a kickban


You are allowed to edit your own pages you made as much as you want. Only edit pages other people created except ones that that the creator put the STUB template on. You can also edit a page if you find a misspell word or bad grammar.

--cXXX, The Lord 18:05, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

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